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Samantha & Tanya – fart fantasy videos

Samantha & Tanya
Samantha and Tanya from fart fantasy videos get home from the mall and they’re just relaxing after consuming a ton when they were out. Cum inside and watch as Tanya’s bare black butt kicks out toxic quiet yet deadlies before Samantha’s small little white stink hole pushes out putrid poots! It’s a real nut fartfantasy buster, you have to check it out. And as you will see, these two babes get along qith one another quite well. And we think that just might be because they both have the same naughty little fetish. Of course we are talking about farting.

So just sit back and watch this nice videos with them as they have what we would like to call a fart off. Their little contents too nice proportions as these two sexy Girls Out West babes put their lovely asses on display while they were blowing air, and you get to see it all. You even get to see them get naughty and play a bit with their pussies just for your enjoyment as well. So once more we have to take our leave but we’re sure that you will enjoy it. And this is to serve as our little thank you for following us for so long and enjoying these babes and their little naughty passions. Bye bye!

[hana-flv-player video=’http://fartfantasy.org/trailers/samantha-and-tanya-fart fantasy-video.flv’ width=’450′ height=’300′ clickurl=’http://fartfantasy.org/members/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://fartfantasy.org/trailers/samantha_tanya-fart-competition.jpg’ /]

Watch Tanya vs. Samantha in a farting competition!

Berlin – fart fantasy video

Berlin tries a brand new thing here at Fart Fantasy pictures and videos, the “farttoon”! Berlin farts in a what’s normally a spittoon! The metal spittoon creates a particularly nice metallic sound. A must have for fartfantasy Berlin collectors. And we know that you’ve been watching this babe closely following every update that she did for us. And so in today’ sexy and fresh video you get to see her once more. Well what’s not to love about this little hottie to be fair. We think that this nice little video serves right to show off just why everyone should adore this sexy little lady.

[hana-flv-player video=’http://fartfantasy.org/trailers/berlin-fart-fantasy-sample.flv’ width=’450′ height=’300′ clickurl=’http://fartfantasy.org/members/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://fartfantasy.org/trailers/berlin-farting-in-the-farttoon.jpg’ /]
So if you were hungry for more of miss Berlin’s scenes, today you are in a lot of luck as you get to see one superb and sexy video of her. Sit back and enjoy this superb show as this sexy babe takes off her panties one more time, and she goes about doing her little air blowing scene in that object. You will love her even more after her nice and hot update today and rest assured that there’s more where that came from. In the mean time just enjoy her ass making noises and see the rest of our ladies here in the past scenes that we brought you thus far everyone. See you next time!

FartFantasy – Kartier blasts farts straight to you face

Kartier, from fartfantasy is on the settee, wearing a breast support and pink leggings. She bands over on the couch with her butt in the video camera and blasts large farts straight to your face! She then rubs her belly and keeps shooting gas out of her butt – YEAH! Kartier is then on her knees with the bum hanging off the edge of the couch, blowing major farts through her sexy leggings, and boy do those pink leggings hold in the smell! And since you just loved our last ebony hottie passing air here, today we decided to bring you another sexy lady doing the same thing.

As the scene starts, this babe shows off her superb outfit, and as you can see and as we’ve said, it’s composed of some skin tight pink pants and only her black top to held her boobs. Watch her showing off those delicious and luscious curves to you guys and see as this babe goes for it when she feels the need coming. Enjoy her fart session as she does it while posing naughty for you and have fun. We will see you guys next week with even more and we hope that you enjoyed your stay. So see you next time everyone with more hot and sexy shows and naughty little ladies!


See this sista shooting gases trough sexy pink leggings!

Fart Fantasy – Mollie farts on a leather chair

Just came back home from gym and during her yoga class, she retained farting and had to come home! How humiliating for her, yet great for you! She is in a pair of very tight spandex pants plus a tank top. Mollie had a great idea – she is farting on her leather chair again so the noise is great! Another hot fart fantasy video for you. And let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to see a sexy and cute babe like her get naughty and antsy on cameras when she looks as hot as her. So let’s not waste time anymore to just sit back and watch this cutie do some farting in this sexy show for you guys shall we?

fart-fantasy-mollie-and-her-spandex-pantsMollie begins her little naughty show today as she makes her entry wearing her yoga and jogging outfit. And you know that those tight clothes make any lady look sexy and hot. And that being said, this babe takes her spot on the leather chair and begins her little fart session. Sit back and enjoy as you get to see this hottie passing air in front of the cameras and enjoy her having fun with it as she wears her sexy and tight pants and pink top. If you liked her rest assured that we’ll have many more like her in the future as well. So stay tuned and make sure you don’t miss our next updates guys! Also you can enter the http://kenmarcus.org/ site and see some sexy ladies getting tied up and fucked hard!

Watch sexy Mollie farting in her spandex tight pants!

Fart Fetish – Cami Smalls

Little Cami Smalls walks into the rest room, bloated and wearing sexy thong. She removes her thongs, sits on the toilet, leans forward and begins blasting large smelly farts! The video camera is there and you can discover her naked butthole stick way out while she farts – Amazing! Cami Smalls has a lot of smelly gas to fart out for us today. What a nice toilet- fart fantasy video – watch it now and see miss Cami as she has her little fun today while at the bathroom. This show is quite sexy and you simply can’t pass on the opportunity to watch this gorgeous babe do her thing on cameras for you.

For this show as you can probably guess it was early in the morning and this cutie was a bit gassy. Well she went to the bathroom with the cameras following her and you got to see some magic happen with this cute babe today. Sit back and watch her fart as much as she wants in relative privacy, and on top of that, watch her teasing you with her perfect round ass as she goes about her business. We bet that she’ll be to your liking and you can expect many more updates like hers to come from now on. See you guys next week when we’ll be back with yet more fresh scenes for you guys to see.


Click here and see petite Cami farting on the toilet!

Big booty girl farting – Nina Devon

Sexy ebony Nina Devon sits on the fart chair dressed in a cheerleader sexy skirt and no underwear! The video camera zooms beneath her big booty girl farting just as she shoots some great farts straight into your face – YAH! You can observe her butthole struggling as she blasts the gases in this fresh fart fantasy update. Nina Devon bounces around in that fart chair shooting more gas, then allow you to have it! She also stands up and shakes that gorgeous large booty and sits blasts a lotta more farts for the fartfantasy.net! Enjoy as this sexy and hot chocolate beauty plays around and shows off her nice ass.


As another fresh week started we wanted to bring you some more sweet scenes with lovely women. And no other is sexier and hotter than miss Nina here. Today she takes off her panties and lifts up her denim skirt to show you her big and round ass and her perky pussy that’s always eager to have some fun. As we said she also gets around to pass some air as well for you guys and we bet that you’ll just love her for that. Sit back and watch this babe give you a nice close up of her butt and pussy for this gallery and enjoy the simply superb show this afternoon. Goodbye everyone! Don’t forget that you can find similar hardcore sex videos and pics inside the www.femdomempire.me site, so check it out!

Check out this ebony chick farting from her large ass!

Berlin Fart Fantasy

Berlin fart fantasy returns for one more farting porn feature. In this free fart videos, she is in the shower, having her ass all soaped up just before she pushes it up against the glass shower slide door and blasts farts off. Also you can see the tiny soap suds on that glass door from her butt gas blasting! This is a really unique, hot fart video that we bring you and we do hope that you’ll enjoy it. So let’s begin this babe’s superb show for today as she gets naughty and wild in the shower just for you guys today shall we? Either way you can expect a great show from this superb and curvy little lady today.

As the cameras start to roll, the babe takes her clothes off, and the camera follows her as she goes to the bathroom. As she’s all naked and with her sexy and hot body in plain view you get to see this hot babe letting the water run all over those delicious curves, as she starts to fondle every inch of that superb and hot body today. Watch her releasing some smelly hits in the shower and watch her closely. You also get to see this cute chick play with her sexy body and ass as she keeps pressing it against the glass. Well we’re sure that this babe is going to remain in your memory for quite a while. We’ll be back next time with another update. if you can’t wait until then, visit the www.lactalia.net site and see some kinky pregnant sluts showing off their tits!


Watch Berlin blasting some smelly ones in the shower!

Cassandra Cruz Doing A Fart Fantasy Video

Hot Latina babe Cassandra Cruz fart fantasy is on the couch, wearing only some nylon uppers dress which reveals her tight ass and pink pussy! She opens her cheeks and blasts a big and bad smelly fart straight into the camera guy’s face, then she asks you to join her in the bed! The video camera zooms in on her smelly ass so you can watch everything closely! Cassandra chooses to punish your fart fetish by farting through out you – exactly what for this fartfantasy update. Well we know that you guys must be really eager to see this hot babe get to work in her photo shoot for this session so let’s not delay it any longer and get started.

cassandra-cruz-fart-fantasy-farting-in-her-sexy-fishnetAnd as a Latina it’s obviously that this babe has the best curves in all the right places. Who in their right mind would deny this babe if she’d ask to be joined in bed. Well to boot in addition to her sexy body this chick has a pretty dirty mind like we’ve said earlier, and today you get to see her farting for the cameras as she presents you and them with her lovely and round ass. So enjoy her playing around with her superb body today and see her fart, and make sure you don’t miss a single image in this superb update. Like always we hope that you enjoyed this lovely scene and you can see some more next week when we’ll be returning. Check out the hardtied.org.uk site if you wanna see some kinky babes getting restrained and fucked!

 Watch this Latina chica farting in her sexy fishnet!

Kita Zen FartFantasy

Sexy Kita Zen fartfantasy is waiting you on the couch, and she states she has more serious farts for you. After that she sticks her butt into the digicam and blasts a nice fart! Next she lays on a side with the digicam pointed at her butthole and fills you with a good barrage of farts – Whoa!She then lays on her back pulling her buttcheeks apart and blowing some real smelly ones! Check her fart fantasy videos right now and without delay. And we’re sure that you will simply adore this hot and sexy babe as she presents you with her simply lovely ass for her little photo shoot for this nice and hot update. So let’s get started and see this cute brunette go to work.

The scene starts with her wearing nothing but her sexy and hot lingerie outfit and as you will see, this sexy babe makes quick work of it to show you her nice and round ass along with her tight and eager pussy. Watch her close ups of her ass and watch her spread her butt to let you get a better view. Of course that you also get to see her farting for the cameras and she looks so sexy while doing it too. Rest assured that we’ll have this babe here some more in the future. So until then just watch her superb fart fantasy Twitter page today, for many other videos. Bye bye everyone and see you soon with even more awesome galleries.


See this bimbo getting naked and farting for the camera!

Angel Fart Fantasy

Ebony beauty angel fart fantasy Cummings is in the seat with her sexy legs spread, and she blasts some farts through her panties! She is aware you’re stroking it now, and she loves that Angel sits with her legs spread, blasting hit after hit – and she blames on the large burritos she ate before the shoot.Then Angel stands up and raises one leg blasting a large one straight into your face! The video camera is there beneath, catching it all! What an excellent fartfantasy videos by angel.

angel-fart-fantasy-and-her-pink-underwearSexy miss Angel is one hot babe as you can see and she always enjoys teasing guys as much as she can. Well that and she has her naughty little fetish. For today she sported one sexy and hot little pink lingerie outfit and she  was going to remove it too so that you may get to see her perky and sexy body underneath. So watch her taking off the bra first to show you her perky and all natural tits, and before anything else you get to see her massage and play with her lovely boobs. And after she’s done passing air, you get to see her play with her pussy too, as she slides her hand inside her panties to rub that wet cunt of hers since she was turned on. We hope that you’ll like it and we’ll see you guys next week. Check out the infernalrestraints.org.uk site if you wanna see some kinky babes getting restricted and fucked!

Check out Angel farting in thong panties in a chair!

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