Samantha & Tanya – fart fantasy videos

Samantha & Tanya
Samantha and Tanya from fart fantasy videos get home from the mall and they’re just relaxing after consuming a ton when they were out. Cum inside and watch as Tanya’s bare black butt kicks out toxic quiet yet deadlies before Samantha’s small little white stink hole pushes out putrid poots! It’s a real nut fartfantasy buster, you have to check it out. And as you will see, these two babes get along qith one another quite well. And we think that just might be because they both have the same naughty little fetish. Of course we are talking about farting.

So just sit back and watch this nice videos with them as they have what we would like to call a fart off. Their little contents too nice proportions as these two sexy Girls Out West babes put their lovely asses on display while they were blowing air, and you get to see it all. You even get to see them get naughty and play a bit with their pussies just for your enjoyment as well. So once more we have to take our leave but we’re sure that you will enjoy it. And this is to serve as our little thank you for following us for so long and enjoying these babes and their little naughty passions. Bye bye!

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