Berlin – fart fantasy video

Berlin tries a brand new thing here at Fart Fantasy pictures and videos, the “farttoon”! Berlin farts in a what’s normally a spittoon! The metal spittoon creates a particularly nice metallic sound. A must have for fartfantasy Berlin collectors. And we know that you’ve been watching this babe closely following every update that she did for us. And so in today’ sexy and fresh video you get to see her once more. Well what’s not to love about this little hottie to be fair. We think that this nice little video serves right to show off just why everyone should adore this sexy little lady.

So if you were hungry for more of miss Berlin’s scenes, today you are in a lot of luck as you get to see one superb and sexy video of her. Sit back and enjoy this superb show as this sexy babe takes off her panties one more time, and she goes about doing her little air blowing scene in that object. You will love her even more after her nice and hot update today and rest assured that there’s more where that came from. In the mean time just enjoy her ass making noises and see the rest of our ladies here in the past scenes that we brought you thus far everyone. See you next time!