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Sexy rose giving smelly ones

Fartfantasy is back and we have for you another amazing scene. Rose here will blast some smelly ones on camera as she is back on our website. This chick is back and she came out with a kinky one this time. Watch her in action right now, without further due. She will keep you company tonight, so sit back there and get ready to drool on her in a couple of minutes.

So there she is, miss Rose starting with a little sexy posing. She will smile at the camera for the beginning wearing a sexy black corset and putting her hands on the belly, assuring you that she is ready to impress with her farts. Watch her bending down at the camera and showing her butthole and that sexy round ass while she blast a perfect fart from that tight hole. After that, the kinky Rose is laying down on that couch and will show once again her butt while she goes for a loud one. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by her performance. Spreading her buttocks with the palms, she is forcing herself for another one. And damn she gave a long one this time. Cum inside and enjoy the whole scene. If you liked this scene enter the http://www.brutalfacesitting.org/ site and see other kinky ladies farting!


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Miss Marie farting in the bathroom

Here we are again and this time we came with a kinky one. Let me introduce you miss Marie and her fart scene. The sizzling redhead here went to the bathroom this morning and took her camera with her just to tape herself while she is blasting some smelly farts. I’m sure this is exactly what you were looking for, so sit back there and watch her in  some fartfantasy action. Marie will get naked and will fart, blasting the most un-ladylike stinky ones into the bowl. Don’t miss her performing. fart-fantasy-miss-marie-bathroom-fartAs you can guess, the babe here was a little gassy this morning. Marie here started her session with a big one. After she pulled up her T-shirt, the kinky babe gave some stinky ones and she taped herself just for your viewing delight. Watch her spreading her buttocks with the palms and showing her hole to the camera while farting. She sure has a nice round ass and will show it to the camera. Enjoy her going naughty and see how she spreads her legs for you in front of the camera. Also, check out here Samantha and Tanya in a hot video during their farting competition.

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Michelle, Roxy and Mari Possa

Hi there, boys and gals! here we are again and tonight fart fantasy brought you 3 superb ladies who will go on camera while farting just for your delight. Michelle, Roxy and Mari Possa took off their clothes and expose those amazing bodies and their round asses while blasting some stinky ones. Make yourself comfortable because some hardcore action is about to starts, three kinky ladies doing their thing on camera just for you.

The three babes started their naughty scene with a provocative smile at the camera. Watch them looking strait into the camera and smiling like something really naughty is about to begin. They are really kinky these three and I’m sure you’ll enjoy their company tonight. They really know how to make your day. So here they are, starting to bend down and wearing only their panties, they will smell on each other’s butt. They are giving some big ones, so this one is the kind that cannot be missed. I’m sure you’ll love them even more when each one is farting while the other ones are sticking their nose into the ass. Cum inside ad enjoy the whole video. There you will be able of watching them doing their thing for you as we recorded every second of their farting competition. Sit back there and get ready to pop a big one as they go truly naughty just for you. As always, enjoy and for sure I’ll see you all next time.fart-fantasy-michelle-roxy-and-mari-possa

Check out these babes smelling each other’s farts!

Micah James the fart queen

Hello there, everyone and welcome back! As we’ve promised we are back and we have some fresh fart fantasy content for all of you. We brought a nice hot scene starring Micah James, the real fart queen. This hottie will pose naked and will blast some smelly farts just for your delight. Make yourself comfortable and get ready to pop a nice boner on her as she’ll make sure you’ll enjoy the night in her company.

The sexy ebony chick came out with one smoking hot scene tonight. Micah brought some of the hottest settings with herself while she was blasting some really stinky ones from her large ass. This chick is one of a heel and will also expose her body in all it’s glory. That fine round ass and her al over the camera and her asshole will be showed just for your viewing delight. Enjoy her farting all over, going for the smelliest ones as she was a little gassy before her shooting session. She will fart strait into your face forcing you to smell her ass perfume. Enjoy the whole scene back on our website. Also, stay tuned for fresh fartfantasy content as next week we’ll be back for sure. Until then, enjoy her!fart-fantasy-micah-james-farting-loudlyHave fun watching this sexy babe blasting smelly farts!

Fart Fantasy – Maris and Daisy

Hi there. Another amazing week and it is time for our fresh fart fantasy updates. Well, like always, we like to give you the best, that’s why we brought these two hot chicks who will smell on each other’s butt just for your viewing delight. They sure will make your day better and will keep you company, making your cock really excited with their kinky scene. Enjoy them thru the video and and see how they had fun on camera just for you, just like these two horny babes!


Let me introduce you Maris and Daisy, a naughty redhead and a kinky blonde who are going to make your cock popping a nice boner tonight as they took off their clothes and started to fart all over just for you. It had been awhile since we had two girls like them, so don’t even think to skip this amazing scene. First Maris will bend down, exposing that amazing butt covered only with her sexy black and pink undies and will blast and stinky one while her hot friend, Daisy is smelling her fragrance. The blondie will also bend and and her sweet round ass will be all over the camera, showing off her pink underwear and also farting while her redhead friend will smell her ass. These chick will spread her legs and will fart in different position just for you delight and in the end will wave at you in that specific playful mood. Cum inside and enjoy the whole scene. Also, check out Holly and Sinnamon and their farting contest.

See these cuties farting into each other’s face!

Goddess farting after dinner

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. I know that you were all waiting for tonight’s fart fantasy scene and for sure this goddess will be a very nice company. She is ready to release some loud farts as she had one fine dinner and now she is truly prepared for that. The ebony babe took off her clothes for you and exposed her bubble butt while she was blasting some stinky ones. Just sit back and get ready to pop a boner on this one. See also Nina Devon, cause she’s doing the same thing!

So the kinky ebony chick had a nice dinner tonight and served some food which made her gassy. Of course she sis that on purpose, just to tape herself while she was farting after that dinner only for your delight. So there she is, taking off her clothes and showing off her big round ass to he camera. She will sit down on that chair and her sweet asshole will be showed in all it’s glory. Make sure you don’t miss any second of this amazing update and make yourself comfortable for this farting queen. Cum inside for the whole scene and check her in action. Also, cum back next and we will have a special update for you.   fart-fantasy-goddess-farting-on-the-chair

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Fart Fantasy Hot kinky Emerald

So here we are again and fart fantasy brought you sexy Emerald on screens. As we’ve promised, every week we will have for you one or two or even more sexy naughty chicks who will do some kinky and naughty things and will fart all over just for your delight. As you can see, Emerald is here and she is ready to tease you with her fartfantasy scene. If you need, prove, watch and drool.

The curly brunette here is new one our website but she sure made an impression since she is on screens tonight. Her name is Emerald and the chick has some amazing curves who are ready to be shown. Watch her wearing only those tight panties and bending at the camera just to release some really smelly ones. The babe is going even more naughtier then this. She will take off those panties and now her butt will be exposed in all it’s glory. Watch her spreading her buttocks with her palms and releasing some loud ones just for you. She will art on your face ad you are going to wipe your cock on that for weeks. As always, enjoy!    fart-fantasy-emerald-blasting-farts

Check out this kinky babe releasing stinky farts!

Kinky Brittany Lynn

Hello there, boys and girls and welcome! Tonight is the night you are going to enjoy this fart fantasy as one stunning babe who will fart on camera just for you. This inked babe is ready to keep you and your cock company and I’m sure you will enjoy her in action. The kinky brunette showed her amazingly round ass to the camera while she was releasing some smelly ones. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy her, and also click here if you are in the mood for more scenes!fart-fantasy-brittany-lynn-fartingLet me introduce you Brittany Lynn, a kinky brunette with some awesome tattoos on her arm and a passion for farting on camera. She came here to entertain you tonight and will do some really naughty things there while she is wearing one of her sexy outfit. It takes a very special girl to do an update like this one and Brittany proved to be the perfect babe for this job. She confess that she always had a big passion for farting and was really happy that she found a way to do it without any restraints. As I said, she will keep you company and for sure will make you and your cock feeling amazing with her. As always, enjoy!

Enjoy watching this naughty babe farting loudly!

Brittany Lynn Farting

Hi there. Fart fantasy.com is back and we did not come empty handed. Another great day and we are back with another amazing scene just for you. This is our last update for this week, so be sure to click on that play button because you are not going to regret it. See this sexy babe Brittany Lynn how she is going to pose for you and she will make everything that it is needed to entertain you. If you haven’t seen all of our videos until now, we invite you to scroll down and up the page and to really enjoy yourself. We are sure that you’re going to find something to your liking around here. But, for now we invite you to take your time and to see this hottie blasting a naughty one.

As the cameras starts to roll you can see that our babe is ready to start and that she is dressed very sexy for you all. This incredibly good looking chick will fart all over the place and she will enjoy those smelly flavors all naked and sexy just for you. That tight asshole oh her is going to contract as she blows a long one and be sure that she will fart even more for your pleasure. Take your time to watch this video because it’s going to be really hot to the boot and you are not going to regret it. See you all soon and stay tuned! Bye!



See this hottie blasting some smelly ones!

Micah Jones Fantasy

Hello  and welcome here for a brand new update that awaits you. Our next fart fantacy model is a naughty wild ebony babe, Micah Jones, who is willing to do anything to keep her fans happy and hard for her.  She prepared for you quite a show today, so make your to take your time and to watch in until the end and we assure you that you are not going to regret it. She will also get naked for you all to see and she spreads her legs wide Tto release her farts and because she really wants you to have a lovely view! And that is not the only thing that our babe will do for tonight. But if you want to see more of her take your time, see this ebony farting for the cameras and be sure to click that play button because lots of surprises awaits for you tonight.

As the cameras start to roll you will see that first, she will pose for you in sexy lingerie that she prepared it only for you guys. Enjoy seeing the whole action and I can guarantee that you are going to have a fantastic time here with this slutty babe. Have a look at her and get ready to see the entire action. Her skills are going to impress you all, we are sure about this. Take your time to see this nasty babe and be sure to coma back for more hot updates very soon. See you! Bye bye!




Enjoy watching this ebony farting for the camera!

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